Manryo miso shoyu brewing company Movies Part.02

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Manryo miso shoyu brewing company Movies Part.02


Halal means “permitted” or “legal” in Islamic term. The word of its opposite meaning is Haram, which means “not permitted” or “illegal.”

Muslims decide what to eat and what to wear according to Islamic laws. It is extremely important for Muslims to distinguish Halal from Haram, since Halal is the absolute rule for Muslims to obey.

Generally, it is well-known that pork, pork fat, alcoholic beverages and mirin (Japanese condiment) are prohibited as Haram. Besides these items, there are precisely prohibited products.
Halal-certified products are admitted as appropriate foods which are processed, stored, transported following the Islamic Law by a third-party certifier.
We, Manryo miso shoyu brewing company produce and manage Halal certified products accredited by Asia Halal Association.

We acquired the Halal certification for our five products so that Muslims in Japan can enjoy Japanese cuisine which we are proud of. They are soy-sauce for sprinkling and cooking, light-colored soy-sauce, distilled vinegar which goes with fried dishes and salad, and soy-sauce which goes with Tofu and rice with eggs. We are really happy if you feel Japan every your bite.




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